By taking these pics I wanted to reflect over the intimate sense of nutrition, meant as the daily encounter among human being and phenomenon; to explore this sort of path, few but necessary matters must have been considered. First, I started to concern about what type of material should I have portrait to express the wide range of features proper of objectivity. Hog’s head, rabbit and fishes may represent that threshold I needed to relate human being with his experience soil. These animals were merely died, smelling, objects, like what Sartre used to describe as the being-in-itself. But, they still had a face, an expression, so strongly close to human one. After this sort of ambiguity came up I started to shoot following the different phases of meal. It includes moments in which human voracity rather than rage, overcomes and objectivize the animal, as well as it happens that the relation turns upside-down. In this situation the human being undergoes to “ the look” of Others, then you can feel how the death body of a fish rises as a new role of subject. As the “ being-for-itself” will be dispossessed of his possibilities, which includes eating a food, it feels naked and ashamed.