I've been often fascinated by islands, firstly for what they meant to be historically, aligned with explorations and colonisations. Pieces of land sorrounded by the sea, where wealthy empires could expand themselves and therefore their cultural influence ( religion, language ecc.. ).Islands logistic sets furthemore a sharp gap with mainlands, which often means inhabitants may develop alternative conceptions of socialization and daily life.The morphology itself defines a  statement of indentity through vulcanic environment, endemic spieces of animals and vegetation, and unique climate conditions. These and other features, taken either separately or as collective, define a "whole"; a cognitive object-tool that can be translated in other context of studies, such as philosophy and sociology.                                                                                                                

Similar considerations were the guidelines of this series; which through the mean of photographic tale explores feelings, toughts linked to an imaginary Island in everyday life. I wanted to call it "Isola" island in my mothertongue, as I consider my relation with the object of this series, near and far.